Why Does One Need Personal Growth Motivational Quotes In Their Lives?

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One must need adequate motivation to succeed in life so that there can be no complications later on. Without motivation, it is impossible to succeed in life. But there are not enough sources where people can get motivation and this becomes an area of concern for all of us. Thus what suffers as a result of it is our overall personal growth at large. But one must not compromise on that. The solution can be found in the form of personal growth motivational quotes and it is imperative for all to read those.

Personal Growth

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Personal growth is needed by us all as it is imperative from different angles. To begin with, one can find the growth of relationships and foster bonds because of it. One needs to understand that personal development cannot be fostered unless there is the adequate motivation for it. Inspiration needs to be derived out of mundane things in life and then only can people succeed at large. The optimistic way of life can be truly beneficial for all and can lead to immense growth on the personal front and this needs to be noted with due diligence. When one focuses on personal growth it can be seen that they are getting a large number of opportunities in life starting from career and academics and so on. Personal growth motivational quotes can greatly help in this regard.

Motivation Aspects

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There are different aspects of motivation. It can be extrinsic or external and intrinsic or internal. Famous people who have put forward their views regarding the domain of motivation are Maslow and Herzberg. The basic contention that can be found among all of these theories is that they are focusing on the growth of the individual. Society only grows as a collective entity. One can note in this case the collective unconscious theory of Carl Jung who also propounded this same theory on different terms that has made him so famous.

Long Course

The long course that can be found in the case of motivation is that people will tend to benefit from it. These quotes can be found from different sources. There are a large number of self-help books found all around us that are beneficial in this case. There are also what are known as internet sources. We live in an age of technology and so depending on the internet for a large number of resources is very natural and a common thing to understand from the very outset.


We all need the motivation to succeed. Only then can personal development be obtained in life. This article explored the role of quotes concerning motivation and discussed where they can be found.

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