Top Personal Growth and Development Books

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When it comes to personal growth and development, it is good to know that there are so many to choose from. We all have the same goal: personal development. It means improving yourself, your self-esteem, self-confidence, etc. How do we go about doing this? Which books are worth your time and money?

The majority of personal development books can be found in the bookstores, or even in the library. However, there are also many of them online. Here’s a list of things to check out when deciding which books to buy:

– Types of books: There are books about just about everything, but not all books are created equal. Some are general, some are professional/business oriented, and some are “just” fiction/fictions. Check out the different types of books you can buy: how does it cover the subject matter, for starters? If you don’t want to read about relationships, then probably not.

Types Of Readers

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– Length: How long does the book run? This may seem simple, but if you read a book and it is too short, then you will not get a very good idea of what it is all about. Be careful, too. Some authors do not tell their story complete unless you are reading part of the book. Try to find out what the length is before you buy, or else you may regret your purchase down the line.

– Types of readers: Which personal growth and development books are best suited for different readers? For instance, if you are an introvert who wants to be more outgoing, then probably you will benefit from books that are mostly introverted as well. Books that are more for “outgoing” people might not give you much direction on being outgoing. Or, you may be an extrovert but not really sure how to develop your personality to be more outgoing.

– Reputation: The best way to know how a book will fare with you is by purchasing it and reading it yourself. You should know whether other customers have experienced similar problems and what their experience was. Also, read the reviews for this book. Reviews are usually left by customers who purchased a book that same month or wrote a review about how great the book was.

Hardback Or Paperback

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– Hardback or paperback: Some books are better bought in hardcopy or paperback, especially those that are very long and complex. Other books can be read on laptops and tablets. It really depends on what you want to learn from the book. If you just want to know more about a certain area, then you should probably read the hardbound version. On the other hand, if you want to dig deep and find the best advice to improve your life, then go for the paperback or softcover version.

– Which books are good? All personal development books are not created equally. The best ones provide the most interesting tips, apply the most practical knowledge and help you achieve the most desirable change. Which ones do you think are the best? I’d say the following five books in my top ten are definitely worth a read.

First is The Personal Development Supercharge by Jim Rohn. This is a must-read for any personal trainer who wants to really turn his business into a success. This book contains over 500 pages of information and references about fitness, health, psychology, motivation and business that will help you become a better trainer and become a better person. With this book, you will instantly improve your ability to motivate others and yourself. If you want to know more about motivation, this book can give you all the tools and skills you need.

The Long Tail Revolution

Next is The Ultimate Secret Formula by Tom DeMarco and Bill Phillips. This book provides readers with the three components necessary for creating and maintaining a successful personal brand. The book shows you how to create an amazing personal brand with a great logo, great ads and strong marketing. These books can teach you how to manage your time and your budget effectively.

The last book in this top ten is The Long Tail Revolution by Mike Dillard. This is a great book because it gives you the insight needed to succeed in the online internet marketing industry. It shows you how to turn your passion into money. Dillard talks about traffic, the importance of keywords and how he uses article marketing to get free traffic to his website.

Bottom Line

These are just three of the many personal development books available. Others include Becoming an Internet Marketer by Eric Teitelbaum, Re-Ignite the Mind by John Assaraf and The Science of Getting Girls. These are just some of the many great books available. To discover more about these amazing books, check out my blog. You’ll find lots of helpful information there.

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