Top 5 Best Books On Personal Growth You Must Read

5 best books for personal growth

Growth is an ever-going process in life. It happens on a physical, mental, and spiritual level in people and continues during the entire journey of life. This process of development and evolution is very intriguing in nature. It provides people with the necessary attributes that they need for various stages in life for all the dimensions. However, personal growth is something that requires a proper direction in life. The direction can be a purpose, principle, or concept that is guided by certain habits, thinking, and approach. These directional elements are the reasons why reading 5 books on personal growth is advised to individuals. Here are these books.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

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This book by Stephen R. Covey throws light upon some habits that must be inculcated in individuals to become effective in their achievements. It also highlights the fact that these changes are a paradigm shift and are not easy to make. This is why it begins changes with fundamental approaches to the concept.  It is a guide to important changes and will help in each and every stage of the transformational process. This is why it is first among the 5 best books on personal growth.

Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?

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This is one of the books that is considered a masterpiece in its own way. The author, Seth Godin in this book discovers different areas and a whole different array of things that can be improved to get success. The book is filled with different hard and daring questions that are fearsome to be asked to one’s own self. Going through them, one is able to discover new and bigger perspectives for themselves to go on with.

The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide – An Experimental In 5 Best Books On Personal Growth

There are people who believe in metaphysical aspects of life in the subtle chemical and mechanical combinations more than any other format existing in the world. This book is handy for them. Written by James Fadiman, this book highlights different tools and mechanisms in life that can be implemented in life. It is about the construction of formulas for success and growth using the resources in the surroundings.

Eat That Frog – The Star Of 5 Best Books On Personal Growth

Brian Tracy is the author of the book, Eat that Frog! It deals with a whole different scenario of personal growth. It consists of the situation of jeopardy, tussle, resistance, and overcoming measures that arise when people face certain tasks in their lives. It recognizes the fact that in such situations, distraction is an easy way out and therefore guides for making habits that can enable overcoming such zones.

The Attention Revolution

People heavily understate the power of focus, especially in the current age of technology. B. Allan Wallace presents this book as a guide to getting back the focus and maximizing it on the goals. It deals with a Buddhist meditation called Shamatha that strengthens focus to such an extent that none of the flickering distractions can break it. This makes it a strong element in the list of the 5 best books on personal growth.


Personal growth is something that goes unrecognized or unapproachable to people. However, by reading some of these books, getting a hold and direction in personal growth will become as easy as catching a ball. And then one can use it in the right direction.

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