The Best Writing Tool That You Can Carry Around and Bring with You Everywhere! True Sophistication!

The fountain style with this smooth elegance: A polished stone nib, lacquered barrel and elegantly curved stainless steel can be used as a modern Pelikan Stola III Fountain pen. In any case, the fountain pen is the perfect partner – very dynamic and still up-to-date. Pelikan has developed a new writing tool for a fruitful start to the business world with the Stola III Fountain pen. This fountain plume comes with a royal blue ink cartridge that is internationally high-capacity and is shipped in an exquisite silver case that can accommodate up to two writing units.

Stainless Silver Fountain Pen

It comes in a nice slim box and looks like its price. There’s another matte silver-grey box inside and the branding on it. The cap is lifted and the pen is felt-lined in a rubber sleeve. No-frills – packaging is really straightforward. Not everything is interesting to me, but a very good presentation if you want to give somebody this pen!

There is no band on this pen, but the cap and barrel are separated by a narrow black rim. The cap is both brilliant silver and barrels. I think it looks pretty fine, together with the black trim. The area is very short, uncapped. It’s flat, bright black acrylic, cutting into the nib and ending in a loop. The segment looks basic and neat. There are no cap threads.

This overall, no negative look. The silver finish is quite pearlescent, beautiful, new and sleek, but it shows tiny dings very easily. No black trim has been chipped to date so the pen stays intact, apart from the dings in the hat.

You may call them great writing tools. Their stylus is made of lacquered and stainless steel. They are also made from gold and chrome. It gives you a sophisticated feeling and looks you like.

The ring is also big, giving you sufficient weight in prose. The stylus is just over 6 oz. More than eight colours are available. Nib’s shape is medium and gives you accuracy and consistency in printing.

The fountain pen can be filled quickly. You just have to cut the lid, tear off the nib and then the vacuum adapter. Put the nib in the tin and you will fill the pen with a time in the opposite direction.

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Nib Type-Standard Type

Model Number-BG005

Type-Fountain Pen


Writing Point-0.5mm



Fountain Pen’s Tip Material Other Metals

Special Application-Writing

A close up of a device


  • Ideal for business usage and this lets you distinguish yourself.
  • It is available in various colours and styles.
  • Someone, you should show it as a luxurious gift.
  • You should write accurately
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  • Unfortunately, the pen cap isn’t that sturdy. 


The nature of its superior plumbing system (i.e., the Duofold and the Premiere) changed nothing, although Parker tweaked the stitching of its nib. The lower-end stylus (the urban and the vector) saw the most developments and alleges that quality management has improved greatly.

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