Step By Step Guide To Make Discipleship Personal Growth Plan

discipleship personal growth plan

Christianity is not merely about becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is also making disciples of Jesus. Being a follower defines one’s life and way of living. Enlighten others with the sayings of Jesus. The basic means of spiritual growth are prayer, studying the bible. Discipleship also includes

Encouraging other people toward the great grace of Jesus

Enlightening other life by encouraging them to grow in Jesus

To encourage them to become like Jesus


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Being Christians and to pursue our discipleship, we must focus on growing together in the leadership of Jesus. A human is identified into 3 main categories. They are character, competence, and compatibility.

Character defines our qualities and characteristics.

Competence focuses on different aspects of knowledge and skills. As disciples, we need to grow our biblical knowledge and encourage others for the same.

Compatibility is a category that deals with the vision, morals, values of the church.

Approach To Develop A Discipleship Personal Growth Plan


We all try different approaches that are good and noble to get enlightenment and for personal and spiritual growth. Four basic facts would help you develop a discipleship personal growth plan. These are:

First, identify what to focus on. We need to be intentional in our lives and also think intentionally about others.

Then set the goal of how you want to be a disciple.

Next, you have to plan the growth and find resources that can help you for being a follower of Jesus and also making others disciple

Finally, start your journey and modify your plan according to the different situations.

Steps To Make A Discipleship Personal Growth Plan

Make A Personal Inventory

You first have to download a goal sheet where you can make an inventory and set different goals on how you can and want to grow as a disciple. The goal sheet also provides many examples to assist you. This makes it easy to plan according to your goals.

Set Your Goals On How You Want To Grow As A Disciple

You can also open your inventory online from a personal discipleship plan by clicking on ‘PDP Inventory’. Thus you will be able to open and complete your inventory anywhere and anytime. After clicking on SUBMIT, you can submit it when you are done. Also, remember to print your inventory before submitting it. It will be helpful to you in making and writing goals. It will also assist you to measure your daily growth, failures whenever you reassess yourself in the future.

Submit Your Goals In Inventory

After printing and submitting your inventory, you can take references from the goal sheet to remain focused on growing as a disciple.

Search For The Resources That Will Assist You Achieving Your Goal

After completing the above steps, you got a goal sheet. Now, you can refer to resources oriented to three categories that are character, competence, and compatibility.


After one decides to be like Jesus, it becomes your duty and part of your discipleship to make others disciple. And to grow as a good disciple you must develop a discipleship personal growth plan and then make your life more beautiful and peaceful.

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