Four Books To Read For Self-Development And Inspiration

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If you are in search of some inspirational tools for self-development then books can be your best friends. A plethora of new books crowd the book stores every day. Some entertain, some inform and some enthrall, but there are some, which leave a mark on your life, change the way you think, transform your behavior and modify your perception of life. Words are very powerful and some authors manage to pen some inspiring words which speak to you, to your mind and your emotions.

Four Books To Read For Self-Development And Inspiration
Four Books To Read For Self-Development And Inspiration

4 Highly Inspirational Books That Can Help You With Your Self Development Plan

Here is a list of these life-changing books that you must read in your lifetime. Some below are fiction and some are non-fiction, but they will leave you brooding over some key elements in your life.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

By: Robert Kiyosaki

Year: 2002

Synopsis: Rich Dad, Poor Dad explains the differences and distinctions between how the rich class, and the poor and middle classes manage their money. The author differentiates throughout the entire book explaining how his best friend’s dad, the “Rich Dad” was so successful.

That Special Something: There are lots of things said about personal finance and savings, but this book manages to hit the bull’s eye with its easy to understand examples. The book emphasizes on a lot of things such as ‘working hard’ was different from ‘working and spending smart.’ You can be the hardest worker but if you are unable to manage your funds, you might have nothing left in hand. 

Four Books To Read For Self-Development And Inspiration
Four Books To Read For Self-Development And Inspiration

The Art of Happiness

By: Dalai Lama

Year: 1988

Synopsis: This book is penned by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler, a renowned psychiatrist who posed questions to the Dalai Lama. This book is a quotation of his words describing details of the ambiance where the interviews took place and also his reflections on problems raised.

That Special Something: This book beautifully explains how one can discipline oneself. It teaches us self-introspection and self-assessment. This is where you discover what happiness truly means to you. Knowing what happiness means to you, gives you purpose and hence a vision in life.

The Five People you Meet in Heaven

By: Mitch Albom

Year: 2003

Synopsis: This book tells the story of Eddie, a crotchety, bitter and nondescript man in charge of maintenance at the carnival at the fictional Ruby Pier. After many years, he feels that he has wasted his life in a dead-end and non-productive job that required no more brains than washing a dish. On his 83rd birthday, he dies while trying to save a little girl from a runaway cart on a ride. Soon he realizes that he is in heaven and he meets five random people who help him understand the meaning of his life on earth. These include the Blue Man, the Captain, Ruby, Marguerite, and Tala. All these people were connected in one way or the other to his life on the Earth. From each one, he learns something significant and the book describes his understanding of his own life from these people. He finds peace in the end.

That Special Something: Each person affects the other and the other affects the next one and this is how the world is full of stories. But in the end, all these stories are intertwined. This book beautifully explains that whatever happens in our lives happens for a reason.


By: David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

Year: 2010

Synopsis:  This book shows you the important things you need to get success in business. The prime idea of the book is to stop talking and get into action soon. It is a best-selling and successful time management strategy book. The authors are co-founders of a software company 37 singles. They both believe in ‘simple is better’ philosophy. Right from using a writing software in micro-blogging Twitter to managing and building a huge business, the duo has been largely successful and their journey is truly inspirational.

That Special Something: The book contains solid basic business advice which can get you more productive. They give importance to simplicity, even in the products they manufacture, to succeed in life.

All these above books have been best-sellers and have been successful in changing the lives of many who have read them. Read them to plan your self-development journey.

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