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personal goals for self growth

These are my personal goals for self-growth in the classroom. I believe that academic and physical exams should be the first things to be done in the morning upon waking up, but not the last things to be done at the end of a long day. In the classroom, I want to do all of my work without a lot of running or walking. I also want to be able to sit and work for hours on end. Therefore, I want to increase my speed and jump as much as possible in an academic session.

What Should Be The Personal Goals For Self-Growth?

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I know that academic performance is affected by my state of mind and what I am prepared to put into the classroom. My personal goals for self-growth in the classroom for this coming academic session are to: keep calm, concentrate, listen attentively to all questions, have a firm belief in myself, and set achievable goals. At the start of this new semester, I am taking sociology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math. On the initial day, I went to my new school and was very nervous as I knew that I would have to give a presentation for one of the classes that I had not studied previously. My heart started beating fast as I walked into the classroom and sat down in the chair that I had been recommended to take.

Podium Might Help You

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At first, I was confused and did not know how to begin my presentation. However, as I approached the podium, I overcame my nerves cleared up because I was confident of my speech. After that, I shared with my classmates, and the reception was excellent. Everyone was very attentive, and they understood what I was talking about. As I shared more about myself, my confidence grew, and I felt happy with the success that I gained from my research.

I was not too sure about sharing my experience on personal growth and how it applies to society in my high school or college life, but people seemed interested and asked questions. During my studies, I realized that some things are unique to each age group, and I also noticed a common theme among people of the same age category. Therefore, I shared the information that I got from my studies. The reception was good, and everyone shared my idea.

How Should Be Your Personal Goals For Self-Growth?

My first personal goals for self-growth came in the form of dreams and goals I want to accomplish in the future. However, my life is a series of goals that I made in my current age category. For example, I have goals in Pune, India, in which I will work as a substitute teacher. I will be applying teaching methods based on NLP and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and I will also be focusing my attention on the people who live around me to understand their lives better.

Final Thoughts

The last personal goals for self-growth that I shared in my Pune experience are related to travel. I will continue to pursue my dreams and objectives related to personal growth. I will be taking more trips and exploring various places in the world. One of my personal goals for self-growth is to travel to Nepal and China. I will also be working as an exchange student since I have the financial resources for this. I will help our country if I have the chance to do so.

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