Personal Development Attitude And Advance Growth Of Technology


Of all the aspects of life, what is the one most affected by the growth of technology? The answer is a personal development attitude. As more knowledge is created, people’s life’s needs are no longer confined to what their societies offer. At some point in time, many will turn their attention to the development and apply for the best of their development opportunities available in society.

The belief that everything must be discovered is creating bad consequences. For the past few decades, there has been no shortage of experiments on every type of development available in society.

Attitude Reflects Thoughts

However, any person who wants to enjoy his or her own development and have a better chance at a bright future should be aware of his personal development attitude. This attitude goes back to the days when men began to believe that they could not find anything new. It is because all previous knowledge was already known. In this mentality, men do not see new ideas and discoveries as opportunities for improvement. He could see obstacles to impede their own progress.

For this reason, the growth of development has been a major problem for humankind. Mankind was caught up in the old view that knowledge was limited and man only needed to reproduce what he had been doing all along.

Personal Development Brings Creativity

The personal development attitude is a change in thinking that encourages change and the creation of new knowledge. It challenges the concept that human intelligence can never surpass its intellect.

Because of this development, new theories, techniques, and technologies have been developed which could never have been discovered without developments in the sciences and technology. It has also lead to the development of ideas that were previously thought to be obsolete or irrelevant.

Technological Inventions

Though technological breakthroughs have given mankind the opportunity to explore a greater extent of the known world, the underlying assumption that all knowledge is already known has hindered the advancement of mankind. Even though many ideas could have been applied to improved mankind’s lives, many individuals use these new ideas to serve their own ends.

Broader Perspectives

By virtue of the personal development attitude, a person’s thinking can be changed from a simple belief that all ideas are known to an acceptance of the unknown. This belief allows for the breaking of the normal cycle of providing for oneself while failing to improve the quality of life.

Focus On Bigger Picture

The personal development attitude encourages a person to look beyond the immediate circumstances and concentrate on the bigger picture. This mindset allows for the identification of common patterns of behavior which then act as the catalyst for the development of a better way of life.

Personal Development Attitude And Advance Growth Of Technology
Personal Development Attitude And Advance Growth Of Technology

Changes Can Affect Adversely

Developing this positive attitude in an individual is not as simple as it sounds. Some individuals react by becoming aggressive and resultantly making life more difficult for themselves and others.

Lack Of Understanding

This is a result of a lack of understanding of the personal development attitude. A person who is not used to developing an attitude for his own improvement does not realize that just by taking certain steps, he can change his own development attitudes.


As the old saying goes, “All things come from God, so develop your own development attitude.” It is for you to decide whether you ready to give your best and to accept the challenge presented by development.

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