Looking for a Practical and Convenient Way to Protect Valuable Notebooks? Check This Out Now!

Notebooks or journals can be torn or damaged due to mishandling and weather conditions. If you love to carry your notebook or journals with you, or if you are a traveller who loves to jot down every detail of your experiences, this binder/cover shell can help you protect it from any mishaps. Even during the journey, if there is heavy rainfall, the waterproof material of this binder will not allow any pages to get wet. Also, it can be used in decorating the notebook creatively for school art activities. The notebook can be decorated with fancy and glittering material and placed inside this cover, which will protect it from getting spoiled.

About The Product

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This Transparent Binder Cover/Shell for Schoolwork is a waterproof and dust-proof cover that is perfect for DIY and decoration of notebooks. It is made up of high-quality PVC material, which has six stainless steel binder rings. It comes in three different sizes, a large one, a medium one, and a small one, perfect for any kind of notebook or journal. It is refillable as the binder rings can be opened easily to change the journal when needed. This product retails from $15 to $17, according to its size.

Pros of This Product

  • Best for decorating notebooks: This product can be best used for decorating notebooks for school activities. The transparent cover makes the designs visible while keeping them in place.
  • Durable yet soft: This product is made up of PVC material which gives it a soft and clear finish. At the same time, it is durable and strong to face any mishandling or harsh weather conditions like rain or extreme heat. Even in direct sunlight, this PVC material does not melt.  
  • Multiple features: This product can act as a binder cover for different kinds of books travel journals, daily planners, sketchbooks, and drawing books, as it comes in three different sizes. It is a refillable binder and the notebook or journal inside it can be changed easily, according to the need.
  • Convenient to use: This product helps in making a student’s life convenient and hassle-free. Its transparent feature helps in checking the contents of the cover easily.
  • Cost-effective choice: Since this single binder/cover can be used multiple times with different notebooks, it is very cost-effective. The chances of replacement are also very less.
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Cons of The Product

There are no specific cons to mention for this product. In case you are looking for colour variations, it only comes in three sizes and a single yet elegant design.


It is perfect for those who want to keep their notebooks clean and damage-free. It also helps in decorating and creative art purposes. It is best suited for travellers and bloggers who love to enter their experiences in their journals. During the journey, this binder/cover helps in safeguarding the journal.

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