John Maxwell Personal Growth Plan: Lessons You Need To Learn

Learning from John Maxwell personal growth plan

John Maxwell personal growth plan is equivalent to planning a future. He is an American author who generally focuses and writes on leadership. In his writings, speeches, books, we can always find ways to present and prepare ourselves for the future and how we can have our growth plan. He has been very passionate about growth plans throughout his career. He was famously known by his 15 laws of the personal growth plan.

Inspiration: John Maxwell Personal Growth Plan

Let’s look at some of the best growth plans by him:

The Law of the Mirror

“You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself,” was the motive of this Law. Being self-motivated and loving yourself is the foremost step in whatever you do in life because if you will not love what you do, how can you make others love you and your work. Maxwell says we should do everything with a positive vision in our life.

John Maxwell personal growth plan
Get inspired by John Maxwell personal growth plan

The Law of Awareness

Knowing your worth is the next step Maxwell wants to convey. The more we are aware of our selves, the more we will grow at every step. It includes finding answers to self-oriented questions like do we know what we are doing.

Do we enjoy our work? Do we know the effects of our plan? Are we capable of achieving what we are targeting? And many similar questions. When these questions are answered, the Law of awareness is fulfilled.

The Law of consistency

Not just in growth, consistency is an element present in every aspect of life and should be a mandated step to be taken care of. By consistency, we don’t mean that things should be done constantly, no matter what.

But consistency, here defined by Maxwell, is how to determine we are with our growth plans. Everyone plans a growth structure for themselves. But only a few can understand the meaning of doing your work with a disciplined and everyday motivated mind.

The Law of the rubber band

The more you stretch, the more you grow but then even a small carelessness, and you lose any end, losing everything. Maxwell states that “by stretching through” his experiences, he is able to “discover the message the I believe I was born to teach.”

We cannot remain stick to one place; we have to stretch, no matter if it requires strength to do so. If you have the capability of bringing change every time you stretch your normalized life, you will definitely end up setting up your planned life.

The Law of Pain

By his Law of pain, Maxwell wants everyone to understand that if you fall, you should know how to stand. In a nutshell, it’s important to learn and gain from pain. Everyone in his life, in his career, in his growth plans, in his success journey, experiences a bad phase, a pain.

But only a few can take it as a positive approach. Do understand; a bad experience comes to make us understand the importance and value of good experiences. Everything going well is a good sign, but if you don’t experience what a downfall means, you can never learn coping of challenges in your growth journey.

John Maxwell personal growth plan for you
Best laws of John Maxwell personal growth plan

The Law of Contribution

‘An educated mother, educate her family,’ everyone knows this quote, which has made women realize her importance and give rise to women empowerment. Indeed, it’s true that if you grow, you will grow others too. By this Law, Maxwell wants to teach us that we put people first, and our knowledge and growth can first be helpful for them.

Final Thoughts

Maxwell brings you to the point where you begin to discover yourself and your purpose. Lastly, I would end up by one of the motivational quotes. “You will never change your until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”. Get inspired by the John Maxwell personal growth plan and improve!

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