Inspirational Quotes For Personal Growth And Self Development

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It seems like everyone these days is offering personal growth and self development quotes. But are they really worth taking seriously? What’s the deal with all these personal growth and self development books out there? Why do people take them?

Helps To Improve Yourself

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Self improvement and personal development quotes are one way of helping you to better yourself in ways small or large. They’re not meant to replace the need for personal growth and self development on your part. But they can be a helpful buddy as you try to improve yourself every day. Here are a few things you should know about these quotes and whether or not they’re worth the effort to read.

First, these quotes aren’t really meant to help you. At best, they’re inspirational tools to get your eyes wide open. They’re not instruction manuals on how to better your life. So unless your goal is to study up on how to meditate to get a higher spiritual level, you shouldn’t bother reading any of these. They just don’t have enough information to be of use to you.

Not Meant To Be Taken Literally

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Second, these quotes aren’t meant to be taken literally. Sure, they’re inspirational and can motivate you to move forward in your life. But they’re not trying to give you an exact prescription on what you should do. They’re just trying to inspire you to think about your own personal goals and how to go about achieving them. Don’t ever read them as though you’re an engineer trying to solve the next Google.

Third, personal growth and self development quotes are only meant to be read as a token of support. They’re not meant to be used as an authority on your life. They’re not even intended to be read at all. They’re meant to serve as a gentle nudge that can help you see how far you’ve come and maybe encourage you to keep going.

Applies To Other Forms Of Inspirational Literature

By the way, this advice also applies to other forms of inspirational literature. If you’re reading books about love or marriage, for example, you shouldn’t quote the passage about how two light bulbs should never be put in the same room. It doesn’t apply. If you’re reading a book about quitting smoking or eating healthy, those things may not apply to you, and you shouldn’t pass them onto other people. Quotations about personal development should be treated like that. As an occasional reference or a spur of the moment thought.

Final Words

The same principle is true for personal growth and self development. If you don’t have the motivation, then the process of personal development and improvement is going to be quite difficult. Find the inspiring quotes which you can use to keep motivated and then use them to keep developing yourself. It can be quite difficult and it’s not something that is achievable within one day…but it can be done.

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