Healthy to Find the Most Comfortable Angle of Effective Labor Time and Simplified Your Desk!

Enjoy optimal comfort while working on a laptop or watching your favorite shows on the tablet with this aluminum stand. Designed to elevate your device to suit your different needs, this stand will help you fix posture and also lessen back fatigue or neck pain. It also prevents your device from overheating. Something that’s great for laptops, tablets, iPads, and even books!

Adjustable Aluminum Stand For Laptop Tablet Notebook Book

Working for hours on a laptop or reading for long on a tablet can be stressful especially if you have back or neck problems. Fortunately, giving the right angle to your labor time can reduce or fatigue and offer you the desired comfort. This adjustable stand for laptops and tablets featuring 6 adjustable heights will let you adjust your devices to the most comfortable operating angle as well as height according to your actual need. The ergonomic design of the stand will fix your posture and eventually reduce exhaustion at work.

This laptop/tablet holder is rendered in a robust aluminum alloy construction. Its solid weight and design can hold even the bulkiest device. The stand has anti-slip rubber pads that prevent scratching or sliding. This holder discharges heat efficiently and saves your device from overheating. 

Now simplify your workstation with this laptop stand possessing a creative design. The holder is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold heavyweight. It is foldable and comes with a storage bag for hassle-free carrying to work, college, and more.

This portable laptop holder fits most devices from 10 to up to 15.6 inches including Lenovo ThinkPad, MacBook Air/ Pro, HP, ASUS, iPad, iPad mini, Google Pixelbook, and so on. Fetch this stand and make the most of your labor time without feeling any kind of discomfort!


Size: 21 x 24.7 x 9.4 cm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Pros Of Adjustable Aluminum Stand 

  • Ergonomically designed laptop or tablet holder with 6 adjustable heights.
  • Can reduce neck pain, back fatigue, and eye strain.
  • Robust construction, solid weight, and design.
  • Can hold up to 80 lbs. on top.
  • Anti-slip rubber pads to avoid scratching or sliding. 
  • Prevents device overheating.
  • Lightweight, sturdy, foldable, and portable
  • Great for laptops, tablets, e-book readers, iPads, and more.

Cons Of Adjustable Aluminum Stand 

  • The fittings can become loose over time.
  • Some may not find the laptop stand stable.


This portable laptop or tablet stand offers a steady and secure place for your devices. No matter whether you use it at work or during entertainment hours, it will hold your device at the most comfortable angle and height for you. Its ergonomic design will correct your posture and even reduce fatigue and discomfort of any kind. The best part of this holder is that it will prevent overheating of the device by allows free airflow underneath. The stand has a solid construction and can hold enough weight. As it is foldable, you can easily carry it to work, school, college, and other places.

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