Five Point Personal Spiritual Growth Plan

five point personal spiritual growth plan

It is important to consider your five point personal spiritual growth plan when you are working to change your life. When we start any type of change, the process can be very disconcerting. Our physical bodies need to adjust with the new surroundings and our brains will often need some time to catch up. If we have not been paying attention to our spiritual growth, we may find that the changes are much more difficult than we initially expected.

An Overview


The first thing you should do when creating your five point personal spiritual growth plan is to identify what spiritual development needs you are addressing. For example, if you have an anger problem that needs to be addressed, write that down. If you don’t like certain people in your life, identify who you dislike and make a list of the ways you are trying to change those behaviors. Are there things you need to learn about that person that relate to your spiritual growth? The first step is to identify your situation and write it down.

The next thing you should do is think about the reasons for your behavior and decide what steps you are going to take to change them. This is your five-point personal spiritual growth plan. Do you have a difficult time accepting criticism or do you easily get upset with even the smallest things? Are you finding that you are offending people on a regular basis?

Spiritual Growth Plans

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These are all questions that can help you discover why you are acting the way you do. If you can’t identify the underlying problem, you may never be able to change your behavior patterns. The next step you need to take is to look at your environment. There might be many negative people and circumstances around you that are causing you to act in a manner that is not healthy for you. You might need to get away from these situations for a few days to a few weeks to clear your mind. During this time, you will be much more receptive to suggestions and to the direction in which you wish to go.

After you have made the necessary preparations to begin to change your behavior patterns, it is time to set up your personal spiritual growth plan. Your personal spiritual growth plan will involve the three major elements of your life: your body, your mind, and your spirit. It will also involve personal goals that you have for yourself. The objective of any personal spiritual growth plan is to enhance your abilities to live a successful life. You will want to develop your skills in all of these areas.

First, you will need to determine how much money you have to spend each week and in what areas of your life. To make this determination, you must sit down and assess all of the expenses that you have each week. This could include clothing, food, utilities, entertainment, vacations, etc. The important thing is to make a list of all of the things that are essential to you, and eliminate the things that you cannot reasonably afford.

Second, you will need to decide what type of spiritual growth plan you will establish for yourself. In this area, you will need to be very deliberate. For instance, if you want to eliminate debt, you should ask yourself how much debt you currently have and how much you think you may have in the future. This will help you map out a financial plan that will benefit you both now and in the future. This type of spiritual growth plan might include working with a debt professional or creating a budget for yourself.

Bottom Line

Last, you will need to establish some personal goals for yourself. To do this, you must write down things that you would like to accomplish in your life, whether they pertain to spiritual growth or material things. You can also write down your vision of yourself and your life and look at this as a five-point personal spiritual growth plan. By taking the time to create this personal vision of yourself and your life, you will greatly increase the chances of reaching your goals.

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