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The Little Prince written by Hans Christian Anderson is a wonder. Written as a childhood story and then later being one of the biggest philosophical, artistic, top life changing books ever to read, The Little Prince centers on the young prince who is lost for many days and forced to walk across the desert on a small cart. Along the way, the prince comes across several other interesting characters that really capture the imagination. What makes this book so great is its excellent plot, which centers on the Prince’s quest to find his beloved grandmother, the story ends with the princess still in love with her Prince and wishing to spend the rest of her life with him. This novel was Anderson’s way of writing a best-seller and I think he succeeded.

The other two life-changing books I would make mention of are: The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne; and The Outsider, by Paul Theron. Both of these books take a different angle on happiness and how to achieve it. In The Secret, Rhonda Byrne focuses on the importance of positive thinking and how a person gains happiness by forming a “good-head” rather than a “bad-mouth” or negative persona. With her own experience of living with a heroin addiction and her book’s title, she gained insight into what would make people happy and what would make them feel undesirable.

In The Outsider, Paul Theron shares his personal journey from drug addiction and how he came to terms with his own issues of being a failed artist and his need for a more rewarding career. In Pattyn Frieden’s The Nasty Woman, Liz Lemon channels her anger and pain from her past relationships into a positive force for change. These two life changing books inspired Frieden to create The Nasty Woman Ultimate Guide To Getting A Great Job And Making It Work. In The Outsider, he shares his story of trying to get a teaching job after he was fired from a previous one due to substance abuse. Pattyn Frieden also shares her own story of overcoming abuse and alcoholism. This two women share their stories in an inspiring mix of humor and wisdom.

No one can forget his childhood days and the impact of the great Indian writer, Ambedkar. Mahatma Gandhi once quoted him as saying, “Ambedkar was my friend. He changed me during my boyhood days.” Mahatma Gandhi was particularly fond of Ambedkar’s devotion to Hinduism. In a famous speech, he said, “You cannot understand the inner turmoil of a Hindu without appreciating the sacrifice of a Hindu.”

Every successful people have a “mental flag,” a special skill or habit that helps them reach success. Successful people surround themselves with like minded successful people who provide them with the moral support they need to achieve their goals. A “mental flag” is something that every successful person has within him and with which he identifies and aims to reach. Some of the best books on life have been written by successful people themselves who have shared their experiences and lessons learned along the way.

Final Words

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In our day and age when everything is in search of instant gratification, it seems to be very hard to believe that one can actually build a happy relationship with another individual. Yet Gita by Anna Karenina urges readers to realize that happiness is available every day and that it requires a little effort on our part. Every day, a new lesson is being learned by each individual, and when you read Gita by Anna Karenina, you will find a very encouraging book.

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