Classic Personal Growth Books For All Occasions

classic personal growth books

Classic Personal Development Books has a way of bringing up issues, questions, and issues that may have been dormant in your mind, but have suddenly manifested themselves into a full-blown passion. The authors of these classic books are not all about creating new answers or offering quick fixes, they are authors who have devoted their lives to helping people realize their full potential and improve themselves through personal growth. They don’t sell their books for quick bucks, and they definitely do not have a ‘take for granted’ attitude. The authors of these classic books know their stuff and you should learn from them.

Op-nit: A Classic Personal Development Books by Earl Nightingale – This is another book by one of the forefathers of modern self-help. This is an amazing book with some controversial claims, but it’s highly motivating and will definitely ignite a few ideas inside you. It takes on the topic of self-esteem and how to build it up, along with creating a mastermind group. The author goes into great detail explaining why he chose this particular book, and what the whole message is. If you are looking for a good introduction to building self-esteem this is a must-read.

Classic Personal Growth Books

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Think and Grow Rich: What Every Successful Person Needs to Know by Napoleon Hill – This book has everything you could ever want to know about being successful, and more. Napoleon Hill is one of, if not the leading experts on personal success. This book provides a ton of information on leadership, motivation, goal setting, self-esteem, etc. The author goes into great detail and is extremely motivating. If you are looking for a motivational textbook this is it.

Think and Grow Rich: The Inside Secrets of How the World’s Most Famous Psychics Creates miracles Every Day by Jack Canfield – I’ll admit, reading this book gave me chills. I’m a big fan of psychics, and this book took on another level. The principles within this book are extremely powerful. The author walks you through how a mastermind group can create a much better future than you could have imagined. He explains the steps required to become a master psychic, and how you can apply these principles in your everyday life. Again, if you’re looking for a valuable resource on how to be a better person, this is a must-read.

A Much Ado

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Think and Grow Rich: The Inside Secrets of How the World’s Most Famous Psychics Creates Miracles Every Day by Napoleon Hill – This classic personal growth book continues where the previous book, Think and Grow Rich, left off. This time, the author looks at how you can use your mind to become rich much faster than you might think possible. There is a lot of information on goal setting and motivation to be found here. Again, if you’re looking for some good motivation and guidance to help you create the future you’ve always wanted, this is the book for you.

The Science of Getting Rich: When All You Need to Know About Money was written by Robert Kiyosaki – If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get to the top, this is a book for you. Kiyosaki explains why he believes that you can indeed be a millionaire in your adult lifetime. This book will not only educate you on ways to make money but also share with you his “secret” formula for achieving financial success. Other classic personal growth books would also do well to include material on this subject.

Awaken the Giant Within by John Assaraf – This is another classic personal growth book that focuses on personal development. As a spiritual leader, Assaraf has developed an approach that allows people to unleash the great potential within themselves. With the help of this book, you’ll learn how to tap into your inner power, as well as put you on the road to emotional happiness and spiritual prosperity.

Bottom Line

No matter which classic personal growth books you choose, there is always something valuable in them. They can teach you about money, relationships, health, creativity, self-confidence, and even how to manifest more happiness and success in your life. Once you discover what these books have to offer, you can’t help but seek out other classic books on the subject. Your journey through life will never be the same!

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