Books On Self Confidence – How To Use Them To Build Your Confidence

books on self confidence

If you’ve looked at the internet, you’ve probably noticed many books on self confidence. You may be wondering which books on self confidence are the best. Well, the answer isn’t simple because there are so many different books on self confidence out there. I’ve listed below 10 self-help books which every person should read.

Best Books on Self-Confidence

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*Books on Self Confidence – If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up book on how to boost your confidence levels, then you’ll definitely want to check out “The Confidence Factor”. This book shows you how you can quickly and easily improve your self esteem. It provides information on how to get rid of negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. It even has an eBook that you can download right to your computer!

*”The Charisma Myth” by Roger Gibson – This book talks about the way that self-esteem is really just a form of self confidence. It discusses why there’s such a big difference between believing in yourself and believing in others. In addition, it shows you how you can ditch the “charism” part of self-esteem and create something much more achievable and trustworthy. Read “The Charisma Myth” if you want to know the truth about how you can truly become confident.

*”The Social Anxiety Solution” by Joe Barry – I love “The Social Anxiety Solution” because this is a book that I actually used to recover from my social anxiety. This is a great manual for anyone who needs help overcoming their social anxiety. The Social Anxiety Solution by Joe Barry provides a free training on how to treat social anxiety. In this free training, you will learn step-by-step how to stop panic attacks, manage panic attacks, prevent panic attacks, and handle social anxiety effectively.

*” Amy Cuddy’s Self Confidence Code – This book goes into detail on what “The Confidence Code” is all about. Amy Cuddy has gone through years of treatment and worked with over 6 million people on their self-esteem. In this book, you will find out everything that you ever wanted to know about “The Confidence Code”. This is the bible of self-esteem.

*”The 30-Day Trial” by Amy Cuddy – This is the “other” book in the ” Amy Cuddy’s Self Confidence Code”. Cuddy takes you through the same 30-day trial method that she uses with her own clients to get them back into the swing of self confidence. This book will get you on track. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know more about self confidence.

The biggest thing that I liked about “The Self Confidence Workbook” is that it was such a simple to read and easy to understand text. Cuddy doesn’t muck around with complicated language or concepts. She breaks things down into action words that are easy to understand. It also helped me to understand more clearly why my fears were going on in my mind and what I could do about them.

Cuddy left a really good impression on me when I read her book. I’m still not finished. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is having trouble with their self confidence and social anxiety. Even if you don’t suffer from these conditions Amy Cuddy’s methods should help you.

In Amy Cuddy’s “The Fear Factor” she explains the fear factor really well and lays out how it can affect you. I have been personally affected by this fear factor in my life and believe Amy Cuddy is spot on when she talks about it. I used to have a very low self esteem. I felt that I wasn’t good enough and didn’t have the self-esteem to be successful socially. These books on self esteem help me to realize that there are plenty of other people with high self esteem who like Cuddy too.

Some of these books on self esteem give tips to get rid of your bad habits that lead to your fears. For example, one of the books she writes about is what she calls “habit reversal.” There are tons of ways to avoid these bad habits but some of them are easier than others to stop. These books on self esteem help you to get your head straight so you can take the right steps to change your behavior.

End Note

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Some of these books on confidence are really old, but I still find them useful. One book she recommends is Jack Canfield’s “Feeling Good: A Guide to Making You Feel Great and noticed.” I also really enjoyed reading about “hygiene Hypnosis.” I had never heard of this before but it really does make sense and is a great book to read.

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