Best Personal Growth Goals Essay

Personal Growth Goals Essay

This self of ours is the abode of the god himself. This has been said and recorded by most of the religious and spiritual traditions of the world. Even if one is not an admirer of the religious system he or she cannot ignore the importance of self. What today is known as personal growth has been the focus of humans since the dawn of civilisation.

The Concept Of Personal Growth

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Agricultural revolution brought about 10,000 years ago by humans settled them at a single place for long periods of time. This settlement and a self-sustaining crop gave them free “time”, perhaps for the first time when they could do something else apart from the regular routines of hunting and gathering. These new farmers put forward new ways of spending time and as a result music, art, poetry and other cultural subjects were born which shaped the human mind in distinct ways. Thus this was the time when humans put their focus onto something- themselves.

We began to discover and in a way experience our own beings, our own existence. Therefore a process of personal growth began. For the early human the concept of personal growth perhaps revolved around the ritualistic and spiritual practices of their bands and tribes. These practices themselves involved forms of singing, instrumentation, dancing etc. this gave many, if not all, a different experience. A self-fulfilling one.

Effect Of Religion And Spirituality

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Later on the religious systems put a great emphasis of their teaching and theology discussing and exploring the arena of self. It was the time when self was considered holy and thereby taking care and nurturing of the self was considered to be a responsibility of the adherent. Although how they viewed the self and developed their respective practices may differ from one system to the other but in all it was given due consideration. These meditations on the self included taking care of the body and nurturing one’s mind.

The External And Internal Practices

The external practices differed but the foundational idea remained somewhat constant throughout. Some gave importance to bodily fitness through physical training and exercises while others put emphasis on fasting and taking certain diets. When it came to inner self and mind some put emphasis on various meditational practices while others focused their attention on the practice of a series of strict bodily postures to exercise control over themselves. Still by others, a myriad of practices were followed. All these activities focused on one’s own self and gave men the tools to dive deeper into the depths of human potentiality and many achieved quite some wonders for themselves and similarly for humankind and thus elevated the quality of one’s being.


Personal growth and development refers to self improvement, increasing one’s quality of life, developing and refining set of skills and talents, learning and educating oneself, adjusting and altering your behaviour and habits, developing perspectives and outlooks, improving our actions as well as reactions, working on the emotional aspect of oneself, indulging in artistic and cultural pursuits, etc. thus one can see how large is the canvas of self growth and how one has the independence to work out their own definitions and create their own masterpieces.

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