6 Most Popular And Best Personal Growth Books On Audible

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If you read and listen to the best personal growth books on audible, it can make all the difference in how you see the world around you. Most people find these kinds of books healing and inspiring. They can help you to interpret yourself and the world positively and can inspire you to take more positive actions. Amazon audible offers you a great way to listen to all these books that you are willing to read. By this, you will be able to listen to these inspiring reads on the train, in your car, while you work out or when you are supposed to be working. Make it an incredible experience by reading the most popular and best personal growth books on audible listed below.

These Best Personal Growth Books On Audible Will Blow Your Mind Out

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If you feel embarrassed to pick up personal growth books from a bookstore, don’t worry. You can listen to the following best personal growth books on audible. Audible is very easy to follow and is a great way to go through these books.

Girl, Wash Your Face

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This book is very helpful that you need right now for your self-development and personal growth. It helps you to learn how to stop feeding into perceptions of other people and start owning yourself on your terms. You can listen to this funny and engaging book straight on Amazon’s audible.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK

This book contains liberating life advice that you can apply to your home, relationships, and work. Mark Manson in this book doesn’t tell you not to care, but it tells you to care about the right things and the right people. It is a refreshingly honest book that you can choose to listen to on Amazon’s audible for your personal growth.

You Are A Badass 

The enthusiastic narration of this book by Jen Sincero gives an extra kick to the audiobook. It is examined to be one of the best personal growth books on audible.

12 Rules For Life – An Antidote To Chaos

This book helps your mind to debunk some of the biggest myths of life and gives answers to some of its most difficult questions. Jordan B. Peterson, in this book, focuses on a common thread for self-help that is to relax and not overthink things. Life will be fine if you learn to focus and calm down.

Exactly What To Say

In terms of personal growth, you must know about choosing the right words. In today’s world, language is considered an underrated commodity. But this book teaches you what to say and use your words more carefully.

Never Split The Difference

This book by Chris Voss emphasizes the importance of fighting for things you want and not making any compromises. In this book, he revealed some tactics that worked for him and taught how to use them in your everyday life.


The above-listed best personal growth books on audible are all you need right now. These are the most popular self-help books available on audible that you can choose to listen to to help yourself with your mental and emotional well-being.

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